The Blessing ngobeni art prize FOUNDATION

BNAP Foundation aims to address the needs of emerging artists to be able to sustain themselves in the art industry. Our objective is to professionally incubate emerging artists through various workshops for business and creative development. We aim to promote visual arts in South Africa while encouraging international networking and learning through exchange. Our goal is to expand our program and award globally by collaborating with international art organizations. We envision the BNAP Foundation participating in art fairs and coordinating exhibitions with art galleries and other institutions to create diverse activities, exposure for visual artists, and visibility for the BNAP Award. As a Non-Profit Organisation we welcome collaborations that assist us to raise funds to ensure the sustainability of the organization.

Blessing Ngobeni Chairman of BNAP Foundation

Blessing Ngobeni, Chairman of BNAP Foundation

Copy of Khomba Local-Bree 2022_50x68cm_mixed media on paper
2021_11_09, 16_22_41
mel madiba maktub
mel madiba golden trinity
Copy of futher journies 2022_75 x 78 cm_mixed media on canvas